Post Frame Exposed Fastener CAD Drawings

For full PDF file, click here and for full AutoCAD DWG file, click here

box gable 1Box Gable 1 box gable 2Box Gable 2 eaveEave box eaveBox Eave
vented eave
Vented Eave
ridge non vented
Ridge/Peak – Non Vented
vented ridge
Vented Ridge
alt vented ridge
Alternate Vented Ridge
gable 1
Gable 1
gable 2
Gable 2
flying gable
Flying Gable
endwall notched
Endwall – Notched
monoslope ridge
Monoslope Ridge
outside corner 1
Outside Corner 1
outside corner 2
Outside Corner 2
inside corner
Inside Corner
base guard
Base Guard
door jamb 1
Door Jamb 1
door jamb 2
Door Jamb 2
door jamb 3
Door Jamb 3
overhead door jamb 1
Overhead Door Jamb 1
overhead door jamb 2
Overhead Door Jamb 2
overhead door jamb 3
Overhead Door Jamb 3
overhead door jamb 4
Overhead Door Jamb 4
overhead door jamb 5
Overhead Door Jamb 5
door header
Door Header
sliding door jamb
Sliding Door Jamb
sliding door header
Sliding Door Header
sliding door base
Sliding Door Base
translucent roof panel
Translucent Roof Panel
window sill
Window Sill
window header
Window Header
window jamb
Window Jamb
dormer valley
Dormer Valley
skylight 1
Skylight 1
skylight 2
Skylight 2
skylight 3
Skylight 3
chimney 1
Chimney 1
chimney 2
Chimney 2
chimney 3
Chimney 3
skylight 4
Skylight 4
3d building
3D Building
 These are standard application details for Fabral residential exposed fastener panel systems. Panel depicted in images is Grandrib 3.
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