Opportunities projected for a GROWING Post Frame Market

The National Frame Building Association (NFBA) recently commissioned a construction-specialized market research firm, FMI, to survey the building and design community on a national level. The objective was to provide NFBA with a model created through fact-based assessments on the U.S. post-frame market. Through this research, FMI identified key underlying trends and drivers; evaluated historical and expected growth trends; and estimated the current and projected volume of prime building components.

Key findings:

  • Post-frame construction will grow to $8.9 billion (168 million square feet) by 2017.
  • Through 2017, post-frame construction spending is expected to grow at a rate of 8.4% annually. 
  • The total residential and nonresidential market is expected to grow at a rate of 12.5% annually.
  • The two fastest growing post-frame segments over the next five years will be the residential/suburban and light commercial markets.
  • The residential sector is forecasted to grow at 19%.
  • Currently, agricultural markets represent approximately 64% of post-frame construction spending and more than 83% of post-frame square footage.
  • The agricultural sector is expected to grow at 2.2% through 2017.
  • More than 90% of survey respondents indicated that building owners are most likely to make the final decision to use or not use post- frame construction.
  • The major negatives or limiting factors in the post-frame market was indicated as “industry perception/awareness.”  

The NFBA, as a trade organization, is using this information to:

  • zero in on the best ways to increase awareness of the advantages of post frame
  • reach the best building decision makers strategically, aggressively and effectively
  • set the standard by which we can track post frame performance over the coming years
  • nurture the growing markets and vitalize the dormant markets
  • provide NFBA members with an understanding of the market as it applies to their building niche

Knowing this, let’s work together to capture this growth.  Keep reading each month to learn more.

To read more about the NFBA Post Frame initiatives, click here.

Note: Percentages are referring to CAGR (compounded annual growth rate)

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