Gauging the Future: Metal Brings Unlimited Options to Retail Branding

June 27, 2015


Corporate and retail brand image matters.  Whether you are in Washington DC, Beijing or Sao Paulo, when you see the Golden Arches or the Coca-Cola® logo you simply know what they mean and who the company is that is standing behind them.  The consistency of corporate and retail building image matters, as well.  The corporate and retail building image must create brand awareness; the building image must be inviting and welcoming; the building image must provide consistent economics from location to location; and, the building image must be repeatable whether in Washington DC, Beijing or Sao Paulo.

Those corporate and building “musts” can be achieved with metal enclosure systems, whether those systems are derived from coated steel, aluminum or copper.  The metals used in metal cladding, enclosure systems and components are easily fabricated into elegant or complex design elements that can be replicated from site to site.  Further, these metals can be finished with high-quality, durable and long-lasting paint coating systems and images to match the corporate or retail brand image demands.  Metal cladding can also provide green building benefits to the owner through production waste management, energy consumption improvement, and material recycled content and recycling.  Metal can easily provide the architectural and functional brand image that corporate and retail building owners are looking to achieve and market.

Ace-Hardware w Fabral Metal Roof and WallsGive metal a chance on your next building brand image development effort.  We stand ready to assist with material specifications, details, design and quality service.


Kit Emert

VP and General Manager, Euramax Commercial



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