Gauging the Future – Lodging Construction Opens Metal Opportunity

Lodging construction is expected to be nicely up in 2015 versus 2014 and 2013.  Dodge Data & Analytics forecast 2015 hotel and motel construction starts to be up 14% in square feet and 17% in dollars versus 2014 and those numbers are substantially up from 2013 actuals.  While the square footage to be put-in-place is a far cry from the peak numbers realized in the 1980’s and 1990’s, the general return to strength in the lodging construction markets is a good sign for the hospitality industry.  Further, hotel and motel occupancy rates and dollars per room have improved versus prior years.

These positive factors for lodging are making for an attractive opportunity for the design and contracting communities.  The design and construction related to lodging can be enhanced through the use of metal enclosure and cladding systems.  These products can be designed and installed in a manner that is consistent with the brand of the lodging property owner; and, these metal products can provide the inviting and welcoming appearance that is demanded in the hospitality industry.  Further, when was the last time that you were in a hotel and did not see a reference to the environment and sustainability; whether that was related to the reuse of bath towels or the conservation of water or the new energy efficient lighting systems that are in newly built or renovated hotels.  Metal enclosure and cladding systems perfectly match the needs of a sustainable and environmentally conscious enterprise.

Keep metal enclosure and cladding systems in mind for the hospitality industry.  These systems are ideally suited to meet the functional, architectural and brand awareness demands for many of these hotel and motel projects.  Let us know when we can be of assistance with specifications, details and material selection.