Kerry Tomasi: Serving the Midwestern Market for Three Decades

Kerry TomasiMaintaining a life philosophy of honesty and integrity, Kerry Tomasi, celebrated 30 years with Fabral in December 2014. For everyone one of those years he has worked closely with customers to meet and maintain their objectives. The veteran metal building supplies salesman attributes his sustained accomplishments to consistently treating customers with respect, attentively listening, responding to needs (spoken and not), and being up-front when issues arise.

From his home office in Montezuma, Indiana, Kerry manages the predominately agricultural Midwestern territory which includes his home state, Illinois, western Ohio and western Kentucky.  Focusing half his time on post frame and residential sales, the other on architectural sales, he preserves close relationships, even friendships, with his customers with sincere and constant communication. Ever service-minded, Kerry offers decades of construction knowledge and historical perspective to his customers’ projects, providing the special attention they have come to rely upon and trust.

When Kerry speaks of the metal he sells, one can sense his comfortable enthusiasm and effortless explanation of its value. Championing the benefits of residential metal roofing Kerry espouses, “Which would you rather have? Replacing shingles every couple years or a lifetime roof?”  Sharing his opinion metal’s aesthetic appeal, he offers a simple statement, “A metal roof is stunning.” His customers apparently agree.

While Kerry enjoys ongoing success in his region, he understands that market challenges abound. As the influx of local roll former competition has increased, driving down pricing, he supports his customers—building supplies distributorships and dealers–with fresh tactics to deliver quality product, consistent service and smart advice to their customers. He reminds them that change must be addressed and conquered.

“Changes in the marketplace are here to stay. If you don’t evolve, you’ll be left behind. Our customers are looking for help. Our experience assists them with addressing change, especially from a historical perspective, says Kerry reflecting on Fabral’s unique position in the market.

For Kerry, Fabral is “…off the scale, the best job.” He upholds the philosophy to maintain long-term loyalty with a company and has settled into a routine in his position. He enjoys working at his own pace, the autonomy and entrepreneurial mindset he can apply to his tasks. A long-time resident of western Indiana, an area known for its covered bridges, Kerry and his wife live on a three-acre wildlife habitat with seven dogs, four cats and hundreds of wild birds. As an outdoorsman, in his spare time he enjoys backyard projects, building decks, camping, hiking, and kayaking. He also has sharp skill with the bow and arrow. Optimistic about the future of metal sales, Kerry is acutely aware that customers are key to Fabral’s operations.  With honesty, integrity and forthrightness, “…in changing times, we will find ourselves serving fewer, but doing a better job. Giving us the upper hand.”

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