Grandrib 3 Technical Specifications

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These specifications have been prepared as a guide to assist the builder, engineer, or architect in meeting the roofing and siding requirements of a particular project.

A. Scope of Work

1. Furnish and install a Grandrib 3® Roof/Wall System in accordance with this specification and all applicable drawings.
2. Furnish and install an adequately designed and braced framing support system and accessories in accordance with this specification and all applicable drawings.
3. Builder shall furnish all materials, erection, labor, and equipment required in the execution of this work in accordance with plans and specifications.
4. Products to be considered equal to those specified below must be approved in writing by the appropriate builder, architect, or engineer prior to project bid date.

B. Materials – Uninsulated metal roof/wall panels shall be as manufactured by Fabral, a Euramax Company, Lancaster, PA, and shall consist of the following:

1. Grandrib 3® Roof/Wall Panels:

Panels shall be rollformed into the Grandrib 3® profile having 3/4″ deep trapezoidal ribs 9″ on center with two 1/8″ deep x 11/4″ wide stiffening ribs between the 3/4″ deep ribs to minimize oil canning. Panels shall provide 36″ coverage and have an over-lapping sidelap feature. The siding and roofing panels shall be fabricated from 29 gage, Grade 80 (80 ksi min. yield strength), prime material, structural steel with a G60 or greater hot dipped galvanized coating when painted or a G90 or greater hot dipped galvanized coating when unpainted, both conforming to ASTM A 653 and ASTM A 924(latest revisions). No visual defects shall exist in the panels upon receipt that will affect the service life of the panel such as scratches, excessive die marks, etc. All panels should lap correctly as promoted by the manufacturer to insure weathertightness, and should be dimensionally correct as ordered with the following tolerances:

Length = as ordered +/- 1/4″
Covered Panel Width = 36” +/- 1/8″
Panels shall be square such that correct and uniform panel installation will occur.

2. Paint Finish: All panels, when required, shall receive a factory-applied finish coating conforming to the following:

a. Metal preparation: all metals shall have the surfaces carefully prepared for painting on a continuous process coil coating line by alkali cleaning, hot water rinsing, application of chemical conversion coating, cold water rinsing, sealing with an acid rinse and thorough drying, followed by a corrosion-inhibiting pretreatment.
b. Prime coating: a base coat of water-based paint, specifically formulated to interact with the topcoat, shall be applied to the prepared surfaces by roll coating to a dry film thickness of 0.35 +/- 0.05 mils on the front, and 0.25 +/- 0.05 mils on the back. This prime coat shall be oven-cured prior to application of finish coat.
c. Exterior coating: an Enduracote® finish coating shall be applied over the primer by roll coating to a dry film thickness of 0.8 +/- 0.05 mils for a total dry film thickness of 1.15 +/- 0.10 mils. This finish coating shall be oven cured.
d. Interior finish coating: a washcoat shall be applied on the reverse side over the primer by roll coating to a dry film thickness of 0.35 +/- 0.05 mils for a total dry film thickness of 0.6 +/- 0.10 mils. The washcoat shall be oven cured.
e. Color: the color of the exterior finish shall be __________________ as selected from Fabral’s standard color chart.

3. Flashings: All flashings shall be shop fabricated from material that is the same gauge and finish as the wall/roof panels to which they are attached. Where practicable, flashings shall be furnished in maximum 10 ft. 6in. lengths.
4. Closures: shall be pre-molded EPDM or polyethylene to match the configuration of the wall/roof panel and shall be in lengths as supplied by the panel manufacturer.
5. Caulking/Sealant: shall be a gun grade or tape type non-hardening long-life butyl (for sealing metal-to-metal gasket joints), or gun grade non-acetic acid cured long-life silicone (for filling voids). All caulking or sealant shall be applied in a neat manner with excess caulking or sealant removed from exposed surfaces.
6. Fasteners: All exposed screw fasteners shall be zinc-plated with a heavy-duty protective polymer coating, and assembled with a ½” min. diameter, dished bonded aluminum and neoprene washer. Nails shall have a Fabroseal washer. All exposed fasteners shall be
painted to match panels and flashings. Fastener selection and installation shall be as described in Fabral’s Installation Instructions, publication F-102.
7. Warranties: Roof/wall panels shall have a limited finish warranty from the roof/wall panel manufacturer which guarantees against crack, check, or peel for the lifetime of the building for walls and roofs. In addition, the roof/wall panels shall have a limited paint warranty from
the roof/wall panel manufacturer which guarantees the finish will not chalk in excess of a numerical rating, per ASTM D 659 (latest), of eight (8) for vertical walls and six (6) for nonvertical panels. It will not fade or change in color, per ASTM D 2244 (latest), in excess of five (5) NBS units for vertical siding panels and seven (7) NBS units for non-vertical panels for a period of 30 years. The warranty shall also guarantee the non-vertical panels for a period of 10 years against the accumulation of red rust caused by acid rain, which is clearly visible in casual observation, except for areas within ½” from any edge that is cut after coil coating.

C. Performance

1. Class A Fire Resistance Classification under UL 790.
2. Class 4 Hail Resistance under UL 2218.

D. Erection

1. Proper installation of Fabral’s panels and all related components is the responsibility of the panel installer.
2. The contractor shall inspect the structure to insure that the support members are securely anchored and properly aligned so as to provide a flat plane for the panels.
3. All panels shall be erected in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended installation instructions, which hereby become a part of this specification.
4. Insulation is to be protected from the elements and, therefore, no insulation should be installed that cannot be covered with panels during the same workday.
5. At intervals no longer than one workday, all loose metal particles and filings must be removed from the panels and flashings.
6. After installation, all panels shall be wiped clean and all scratches or abrasions to painted panels shall be touched up with an air dry paint as recommended or supplied by the panel manufacturer. Touch up paint shall be the same color as the panels.

E. Provided by others

1. Windows, doors, louvered openings, fans, etc.
2. Insulation
3. Wood-framing system
4. Any miscellaneous items which have not been specified or are not normally supplied by the panel manufacturer.

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