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E-Knowhow is your guide to better understanding metal roofing and wall systems.

N.B. Handy employees should NOT register via Adobe due to technical issues with the quiz program. When prompted to take a module quiz, you should use the Excel spreadsheet provided to you when you were notified to complete this training. If you did not receive this spreadsheet, please contact Kim Hull.

To begin and complete your training:
1) register via Adobe Acrobat (see link below)
2) review each module included in Session 101
3) complete the quizzes that follow each module; be sure to hit “Submit” after each question so that your answer can be scored
4) log into Adobe Acrobat to submit your quiz results
4) reference site for future needs

Register – 1st Step to your training

  • Create your Adobe Acrobat account at – Register
  • You will then be prompted to log into Adobe Acrobat after completing each module quiz – so you can get credit.
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