Industrial Panels Details – Isometric View

Visit the submittal builder to download one zip file with all needed spec files:  test data, warranty, bulletins and details.

For full PDF file, click here and for full AutoCAD DWG file, click here

ridge unventedRidge (Unvented)   ridge ventedRidge (Vented)   endwallEndwall   eave without gutterEave without Gutter
gableGable   sidewallSidewall   valleyValley   penetrationPenetration
penetration a-aPenetration – Section A:A   penetration b-bPenetration – Section B:B   uninsulated vertical sectionUninsulated Vertical Wall Section   horizontal sectionUninsulated Horizontal Wall Section
expansion jointWall Expansion Joint   baseBase   outside vertcalOutside Corner with Vertical Panels   inside verticalInside Corner With Vertical Panels
outside horizontalOutside Corner w/ Horizontal Panels   inside horizontalInside Corner with Horizontal Panels   sidewall low highSidewall Low – High   sillSill
jambJamb   insulated inside cornerInsulated Inside Corner   insulated wall assemblyInsulated Wall Assembly   insulated outside cornerInsulated Outside Corner
insulated sidewall low highInsulated Sidewall Low – High   endlapEndlap    
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