12-2013 Update


Dear business partner,

As 2013 comes to a close, we look back to a very eventful year and say thank you to our customer partners. You are the sole reason we exist as an organization and are now at the center of what we do on a daily basis. Earlier in the year I wrote about many of the new programs and people that are making our vision to be the premier metal solution provider a reality. Our field and plant teams are empowered to get the right product, in the right place within the right segment. We have added to our system solutions with additional products and technology. Moving into 2014, this relentless focus to add value within your organization will continue. Fabral, along with our sister companies Amerimax and Berger Building Products, will further leverage the full complement of products, people and services to help you make more money and avoid problems in your business. Investments in customer training, warranty improvements and system solution upgrades will all continue into next year.

The economic outlook for 2014 is good, but not great. Gains will be seen in some segments of the commercial and residential markets, but uncertainty in Washington and in the world economies will remain. This environment only emphasizes the critical need to partner with a company that is forward looking such as Fabral. We have a long history of weathering the ups and downs in the industry and are extremely well positioned to navigate the coming year with you, our partner.

On behalf of all of our employees, we wish you the best this holiday season has to offer. Thank you for your loyalty.

As always, send me your questions and comments.  I can be reached directly at Fabral.com/JonHaleyFeedback.


Jon Haley , Vice President of Sales – Fabral

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