11-2013 Update


Dear business partner,

Let’s talk training as it’s so critical for the industry overall.  I’m talking all types of training from training focused on product installation to learning how to properly promote a metal roofing system.  Good training can help us all succeed. Knowing that, I thought it might be good to call out a few training programs that we offer at Fabral, training that is available on-site, in-field, and online.

  • Online Installation Video Library; this online resources allows installers to train in the field or get questions answered on the job site.
  • In the Field Training; our sales representatives can meet with installers to review our product offering and installation tips.
  • Training at Fabral; plan a trip to Fabral and spend time talking with our experienced engineering team.  Go on a plant tour and spend some time in our hands-on training room.  Talk with your sales representative if there is an interest.
  • AIA Lunch and Learn Events; if you have customers requiring AIA credits, we have the classes to meet those needs.  7 Classes that cover architectural copper to energy savings.

In addition, don’t forget that our engineering team can be reached daily through our online Live Tech Chat Program.  This is a quick and easy way to get questions answered.

Fabral understands the importance of proper training, and values the opportunity to work with you.  Again, if there is interest to learn more, talk with your sales representative about training for 2014. 

As always, send me your questions and comments.  I can be reached directly at Fabral.com/JonHaleyFeedback.


Jon Haley , Vice President of Sales – Fabral

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